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Favourite Homeware Shops #2

Coming up two years ago when I started this blog, one of my first few posts was sharing a few of my favourite shops for buying furniture, soft furnishings and accessories. Not only have my tastes and house changed a lot in that time but so have my shops of choice. So, I thought I would write a new post sharing my updated favourite shops.


I count myself very lucky to live not too far away from a lovely big HomeSense, which is actually extremely dangerous to enter when you have no money. I think I’ve only ever left once or twice empty-handed, but I love that they are constantly changing up the store and get new stock every single day. The prices are very fair and you can find beautiful pieces that are more unique than regular high street stores.

 The White Company

I feel like the White Company just sums up my entire soul – it is my happy place. Everything about it oozes sophistication and relaxation, and if I could move into one of their stores I would. Their winter candle is my all time favourite candle, and everything is such good quality.

 My Furniture

I like to think of this shop as a much nicer Primark of the furniture world. Seen a stunning armchair/lamp/table from a fancy expensive shop like chances are they have an almost identical one for half the price.

 Vintage Shops

Rare finds and one-off items that show age and wear are my jam. I’ve done so much research to find good vintage shops and I have a favourite few that I love to have a rummage around, and I love the thrill of finding a new shop!


M&S are renowned for their quality, and their homeware range is surprisingly marvellous. I think over the past few years they have really rebranded themselves as not so much geared towards to the older target market but to younger and more trend-driven people. This really shows in their homeware range, which is not only well priced, (and have really good sales) but are on trend and have beautiful pieces.


What are your favourite homeware shops?


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