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Why hello there 2018, didn’t you just sneak up on us! And after taking a couple weeks off writing blog posts, I’m now back and ready to jump right into the year. Honestly, I did suffer a bit from the January blues the past week or two, and I’ve found giving myself some goals for this year has really helped me to snap out of it and get excited for things happening this year, from the spring blooms, summer holidays and of course Christmas 2018!  So, I thought my first post of the year should be reviewing the past year and its goals, as well as declaring my goals for this year.

2017 was a very lucky year for me, as it definitely contained so many more ups than downs. I spent some amazing times with my family, including a mahoosive family holiday with all my favourite people in the world. Me and Toby took some very fun road trips and holidays including to the most magical place on earth – Disneyland! and our most favourite place – Cornwall. We filled our year with plenty of lovely forest walks, cosy nights in with our Honey bun, both began and took part in some really exciting personal projects, even got to throw quite a few BBQ’s this summer, and most importantly supported each other every step of the way. I found some really fun new hobbies, including my new found love for gardening. No year is perfect, but overall it was a year filled with love, hard work and quality time.

Now to look at last years goals and give an update for how they went .

Start some kind of planner/diary – this didn’t really happen in the way I expected, but my use of to-do lists grew even more, and I did use a weekly planner to plan my blog posts which really helped.

Food Planning – This lasted a good few months but did dwindle away. However, I surprisingly don’t find myself so stuck on what to have for dinner, and tend to make a few more decisions of what we are going to eat for the week when I do the weekly food shop. Toby has mentioned about brining it back though, I think he likes to be able to see what we are having each night all week and get excited about a certain dinner, so it may make a comeback .

Watch less TV – with the past few weeks excused, I would definitely say that this was a success. I really made a conscious effort to refrain from starting any new TV series, Netflix ones especially! And would try not to let myself sit down and turn on the TV until I had completely my goals for the day.

Put myself out there more! – This is a yes/no answer. I did put myself out there in a very big and exciting way this year which I can’t quite reveal yet, however I do realise that through my Instagram I don’t really let show much of my personality. I really do want to do more Instastories and reveal more of my personality in my captions, perhaps even share a really large part of my life that I have never mentioned on any platforms. So I will still strive for this throughout this year and try to put any fears behind me.

Instagram every day and blog more! – Not quite everyday, but I definitely posted a lot more on Instagram this year, and I definitely blogged more, so this goal was definitely a success!

Now for this years goals:

 Continue my current routine of blogging twice a week

 Aim to live a balanced lifestyle – with excersise and more fruit & veg

 Decorate the hallway

 Get better (and quicker) at replying to messages and comments!

Whether you’ve set goals or not, I hope you all have a very healthy, happy and successful 2018!

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