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Christmas Wrapping

It’s that time of the month when the presents have been bought and the time has come to take on the epic task of wrapping them. I prefer to wrap them all at once, I dedicate a day to sitting on the floor next to the fire, put on Christmas films and wrap! Our traditions are all the ‘under the tree’ presents have tags and are from each other, then for the stocking presents, they are all wrapped in their own paper dedicated only to that one receiver. That way we know who they are for and don’t get confused, and no need to tag as we know they’re from the big man!


Here’s how I have done my wrapping this year:


Kraft Paper – eBay | White Kraft Paper – eBay | Pattern Kraft Paper – Wilko | Twine – eBay | Ribbon  – eBay| Gift Tags – Amazon

I went for quite a simple, scandi inspired theme this year, using only kraft paper and a mixture of twine, ribbon and handmade tags. The clay shapes were made by me, you can find a tutorial for it here, the gift tags were all decorated by us, using fine liners and stamps. I also used stamps and pens to decorate some of the paper (this would be so fun for kids to do – roll out a long length and get them to decorate it with pens and stamps).


Only 6 days to go!

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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