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3 Easy Christmas Clay Crafts

Look who’s back at it again with the air drying clay . I love using this stuff, so of course I’ve got some beautiful, and easy, Christmas crafts for you to make with (or without) kids, to decorate your tree and presents this festive period.

Here is what you will need:

 White Air Drying Clay
 Baking Paper or scrap paper (to protect your surface)
 Cocktail Skewer
 Glass Jar (or rolling pin)
 PVA Glue (optional)

Star Garland
 Star Cookie Cutter
6m Copper Jewellery Wire
 Clear Beads

Tree Decorations
 Selection of cookie cutters

Present Favours
Selection of small cookie cutters



Star Garland

  1. Begin by getting a ball of clay and rolling it out to the thickness of a £1 coin.


2. Get a small star cookie cutter and cut out 24 stars.



3. Wet your finger and smooth down the edges of the stars.


4. Pierce a hole in the top of each star with a cocktail skewer.


5. Allow to dry, mine took about a day, and turn them over half way through. Once they are dry you can glaze them with PVA glue if you want a shiny finish.


6. Thread the stars and beads onto the wire, alternating. Twist the wire round each star and bead to evenly space them along the wire.


Place on your tree!



Tree Decorations

  1. Roll out your clay to a £1 thickness and use a selection of cookie cutters to cut out your different chosen shapes, smooth the edges, then pierce a hole in the top with a cocktail skewer.


2. Allow to dry, glaze with PVA glue if you want, then tie to hang using a piece of twine.


Hang your beautiful handmade decorations on your tree.


Present Favours

  1. Roll out your clay to the thickness of a £1 coin and use small sized cookie cutter to cut out shapes and circles for tags. Smooth the edges with a wet finger and pierce the top with a hole.


2. For the tags, use lettering stamps and ink to stamp pictures and to/from/festive messages onto the clay. Allow to dry and glaze with PVA glue if you want a shiny finish.


3. Use thread, string, twine or ribbon to attach your tags to your presents to decorate.


Making decorations and adding special touches to gifts makes it so personal, and helps to make the festive season feel even more special. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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