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O’ Christmas Trees

Over the weekend we carried out my most treasured tradition of not only the festive season, but the whole year. We went out and picked our Christmas trees, bundled them home, wrestled them into stands, played a fun game of ‘to the left a bit, now to the right’, carried copious amounts of boxes down from the loft, and decorated for Christmas.

First up is the front room. It’s very The White Company inspired, with lots of grey, white and greenery. This is my favourite tree, I just love every decoration on the tree so much, most are the same from last year with the exception of the acorn decorations, which we picked up at the Winter Country Brocante.

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The snug has our more traditional decorations, I had to swallow my monochrome instinct and allow colour and red (although not too much luckily!). I do really love this tree though as it’s perfect for this room and making it feel extremely cosy and decadent, I think the bows and feather boa help this feeling! It’s this time of year that the snug really comes alive, cosying up here in an evening with the fire on, Christmas lights on and decorations twinkling, watching films and eating lots of chocolate is what I look forward to all year.

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Here are just a few of the other decorations I have around the house. I’m still finessing the kitchen and want to get a little tree for it, but the dresser has been adorned with all the Christmas Emma Bridgewater pottery and some lovely EB bunting is decorating the staircase.

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Sitting by the tree in the snug right now, writing this, fills me with so much joy. There is nothing quite like the magic of Christmas, and trees with twinkly lights.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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