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DIY Wreath

Happy December everyone and let the festivities commence!

We are hopefully putting the trees and decorations up this weekend, but yesterday I had a go a making a beautiful nordic style wreath, which I have seen all over Instagram and Pinterest. Trouble was I didn’t have any specialist wreath making equipment e.g. wire, moss, frames, foam, pins etc which can also add up to quite a bit. No, I just wanted to make a wreath using only what I had in the house and to cost me absolutely nothing!

So this is the DIY basic nordic wreath for the unskilled and unprepared. 


To begin, drag an old hula hoop out of the garage (or pop down to the range) and cut up an old sheet of the colour of your choice into strips a couple of inches thick. Alternatively you could use ribbon, string, old clothes etc – whatever you’ve got that could work. You will also need some kind of glue – fabric, hot glue, super glue or even something like silicone would all work fine.


Attach the end of your first strip of fabric onto the hoop and allow to dry, then begin twisting it around the hoop, moving it an inch further along each time.


When you get to the end of the first strip, glue off the end and glue the start of the new one on. Continue until the whole hoop is covered.


The finished hoop!


Now, take some scissors into the garden (or on a dog walk) and collect up some foliage, alternatively if you get a real Christmas tree you could wait until then and use the offcuts. I used some pine branches and eucalyptus, which I got from a market a few weeks ago. Florists are often selling them at this time of year, so you could grab a stem for a pound or two if you didn’t have some already. Other than that you can use whatever you have/can get – ivy, holly, dried hydrangeas, rosemary etc.


Begin with your base layer and simply cut it down if needed, lay it over the hoop from the starting point (I used the point at which my last strip of fabric ended) and use any string/thread (or florists wire if you have some) and tie it firmly onto the hoop. I used my own judgement as to how many times I tied it and where they need to be positioned, but it was around 3/4 times each for the larger pieces.


Do at least 3/4 layers of your base foliage to make it nice and thick. Then just continue tying on whatever you want, it does work well to finish with something that has big leaves, that way you can cover/place the knots under the leaves so you don’t see them. Additionally you could finish by tying or gluing a bow, some ribbon, sticks of cinnamon, baubles, pinecones etc onto the foliage, but I wanted to keep mine quite simple.


The finished product!


I’m just quite pleased to have found a use for my hula hoop as it certainly didn’t get any use from me! 

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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