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5 Tips For Taking Insta Pics

I’ve been floating around on Insta for a while now, and I’ve learnt a lot during my time when it comes to taking photos, mostly through trial and error. When I look back at my old photos I do cringe a little, but then feel a sense of pride about how far my photography skills have come, considering I have the exact same equipment (iPhone 6s).  So, I thought I would do a little post with a few tips I’ve learnt during my time to make the most from your photos, without any fancy cameras or lighting.

 Natural Lighting

This is probably my biggest thing, and one of the most challenging at this time of year, to only use natural lighting. Unless you have a professional lighting set up, or have very white bulbs, step away from the light switch! Even if it’s quite a dark picture initially, it will always look 100% better post-edit than if you turned on lights, it gives everything a horrible yellow tinge which, of course, you don’t notice in person, but photographs horribly. So, try to take your pictures during daylight hours, and nice bright photographs always look better than dark, or yellow ones!

 Take Lots of Photos

Probably what most Instagrammers recently deleted or photo rolls look like too, but a really key part of getting the best image you can is to take 1 million and 1 photos. It’s what even professional photographers do, so you don’t need to shy away from the fact that you might not get the perfect shot you want on the first, second, or fiftieth photo.


 Try different background, compositions etc.

Along the same theme as the last one, you obviously don’t want to take 50 pictures that all look exactly the same, so try different angles and shots. If you’re taking pictures of a collection of objects then try different compositions, or backgrounds. Having a variety of images all different which ways will make it so much easier when deciding which shot to use, and will help ensure you get your ideal photo.

 No filters!

A real no-no for me is any kind of filters – sorry Valencia, Gingham and Sierra but I stay as far away from you as possible. I honestly just don’t think they make any picture look better no matter what kind of photo. I only use the editing on Instagram and adjust things such as brightness, contrast, warmth, shadows etc, which by themselves can change an image so much already.

 View through the screen

A hard one to explain but essentially as an image is only 2D, it is so much easier visually for our eyes to see and our brains to process and notice the details. Therefore, when you take an image, if you’re focusing on looking at what you are taking a picture of, chances are when you come to review the images you will notice things you hadn’t previously, and if you’re a bit of a perfectionist with your images like me, then you’ll notice something which will ruin the whole photo for you. So, if you make the conscious effort to be looking at the screen whilst taking your photos then you might notice these things earlier and avoid annoying mistakes like these, where you then have to go and retake the whole 100+ photos again.

What are your tips for taking the best pictures?

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