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What’s My Style?

Something that I have been thinking about recently, and that I’ve never quite known how to answer when asked is – what is my style?

When I look back to our last home when we first lived there, to our renovations there, or even to our new home now only 5 or 10 months ago, I think eeek!! how could I have chosen/brought/liked that?! It’s so true that our personalities and styles are ever-evolving, I think even more so for those of us who love Instagram, Pinterest, reading magazines etc, even shopping! Being surrounded by so many different styles and inspiration all the time can’t not have an effect on your tastes and style.

So, what do I think my style is? Even though in my house I feel like I have a couple of different styles going, my main one is a modern take on a country/traditional feel. I feel like in every room there is 100% an element of this style, mostly because of my love for vintage furniture and living in quite a traditional house with lots of gorgeous victorian elements, such as the high ceilings and mouldings. I love the country style so much, but I think my love for shops such as The White Company help it to become more modern. The french ‘brocante’ style is something I came across during the summer and I am looking to do more research and taking inspiration to add to my designs, so maybe in a few months my style will be a modern french country .

That’s what I think my style is, what do you think is yours?

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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