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My Favourite Winter Candle

As the self-confessed candle connoisseur that I am, over my time I’ve spent a lot of time trying, buying and smelling a lot of different candles. Throw together the combination of my love for candles with my love for winter and Christmas, and I’m sure you can imagine the sheer masses of candles and scents that I have for this festive season.

However, this year in my house I am only going be burning one scent and one scent only – The White Company’s Winter Scent, and I’m going to tell you why.

Large Botanical Pillar Candle – £40 | Candle Plate – £22

The Scent

Definitely the number one reason behind this being my *almost* exclusive scent of this festive season is the scent. I adore spicy and zesty scents, which hits the nail on the head to describe it. The White Company suggests you to ‘curl up on an armchair as notes of cinnamon and clove add warmth to your room, while a dash of fresh orange rebalances your mood’, and I completely agree. It’s spicy and warm but the zest helps to still make a room smell fresh.

The Variety

The same beautiful scent is available however you like it – diffusers, tea lights, glass jars and all sizes. This year I have a botanical one which is hand poured over beautiful dried orange slices, pinecones and berries – it looks simply stunning and festive to display. I also have the signature glass jar candle which equally looks lovely to display, and you can save and re-use the jar after.

Signature Candle – £20

The Price

As far as candles go, £20 for a 140g candle is not bad going (a 60g Jo Malone travel candle is £23!), so even though it feels and smells super luxurious it has a nice ‘mid-range’ price point as candles go. The candle-for-money increases if you opt to buy the botanical version too.

What’s your favourite kind of scent for the festive season?

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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