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Renovating a Room – Where to Begin?

Quite often it can be the way that, among many other things, starting something is the hardest part. The same can definitely be said for renovating a room, you’re fed up and tired of the decor and want something new – but what and how?! This was something that became evident to me during my renovation job of my Mum’s house. She knew and had wanted it renovated for years but just didn’t know how to get started, so I’m going to share a few tips of my own on how to get started on a project.

  1. Find one item that you love.

This can be anything – a cushion, sofa, paint colour, wallpaper. Choose or find one thing that you love and know you want in your final room, got more than one? Great! Just make sure you think they will go well together, obviously.

  1. Do research.

Now you’ve got your one item you can start doing research to create a scheme and find more items needed for your renovation. Look at ideas and inspiration online and in magazines, go on Pinterest and Instagram using your one item as a start – for example if your starting item is a grey chesterfield sofa for your living room, search this on Pinterest or as a hashtag on Instagram such as: #chesterfield, #chesterfieldsofa #chesterfieldinteriors #greysofa #greyinteriors and see what comes up! Once you’ve got some more ideas of what you want your overall scheme to be like, look online at shops and local selling sites to see what’s currently out there, start thinking about cost savings too. Found something you like? Search and see if you can find it somewhere cheaper. I’ve got a whole post on how I cut costs and save during room renovations which I will link here.

  1. Make a list.

Once you’ve got a clear idea of your scheme you need to start planning. Make a list of exactly what you’re going to need for your room – will you need paint, wallpaper, curtains or blinds, photo frames, a mirror, a statement piece for a table or a piece of art for the wall? Write it all down, you can never have too much detail, even for example if you’re going to need new coasters or a book for the coffee table. Now you’ve got a comprehensive list you can begin to find which ones you like and where you are going to get them from, and importantly, the price! This is where your budgeting comes in and you can add/take away things for you room, and get your savvy shopper hat on to cut costs.

  1. Make a plan.

Now you know exactly what you want for your room and what’s going in it. Now how is it going to come together? Time to make a plan of what you need to do. Prioritise what needs to come first – are you going to paint the skirting and woodwork first, then walls? Are you going to sell or get rid of the old furniture before you begin? Do you need to get the floor replaced before or after painting? Have you ordered items that have a long-estimated delivery time?

  1. Begin!

Armed with your list and plan you are now ready to go! You know exactly what needs to be done first, what you need to get, where from and the price. There’s nothing to stop you!

Hopefully my few tips have helped some of you and happy renovating!

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