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DIY Pumpkin Light Box

Happy Halloween everyone! 

If you’re carving your pumpkins later tonight ready for the trick or treaters then I’ve got a fun DIY to take them to the next level. Light up message boxes were all the rage on Instagram a while back so I’m guessing a few of you might have them stashed in the back of cupboards, or maybe still have a spring quote written on?. Well, it’s time to put those letters to good use again and get carving!


Begin by cutting off the top and gutting your pumpkin.


Get your letters and measure the height onto your pumpkin.


Work out how many letters you want to be able to use – 9 letters on each row gives enough to spell Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat. Use the letters to measure the length.


You want to carve off the skin and first few layers of flesh to create a ledge for your letters to slot in.


Score the edges with your knife.


Carefully peel the skin off with your knife and cut into the flesh a few millimetres



Pop in your letters and get ready for the trick or treaters!


Hope everyone has a spooky and safe Halloween!

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18


Original inspiration: Dave Hax



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