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Planning Ahead – Spring Bulb Planting

We’ve been living in our house for over a year now, and during that year one of the greatest discoveries I’ve found is my love for gardening. It was sparked during the summer really (hence the two garden renovations in one year!), but I’ve really enjoyed learning about flowers, planting, seasons and gardening in general, and am still learning! One of the things I was really excited about was doing my spring bulb planting, which I did this weekend. You can plant most spring bulbs anytime between Aug/Sep to December, as long as it is before the first frosts. I chose to do it this weekend as the weather was quite warm for this time of year and it’s been dry for a few days, so it was a lot easier and tidier than when its too cold and wet! So, this post is sort of a public service announcement/reminder to get those bulbs in the ground and to share what I’ve planted.

First things first was to remove the last of the summer annual Begonias and Gernaniums, which were very much on their last legs. It did seem sad to pull them out but unfortunately its come to that time of year now where the time spent in the garden has become very little, so no one would be seeing them to appreciate them anyway.


Then it was time for the bulbs, I picked all these up from the Range for around £17. They did have a nice range but I had originally wanted to get them from Wilkos as they had a much better range in my opinion, with double flowering tulips and more pastel shades. Unfortunately when I went to get some in there the other day they were only taking cash and I didn’t have any on me, so I had to leave them behind. Sarah also has the most stunning range of tulips which I’m so tempted to order – especially the Pale Peony collection that looks simply stunning! But they are quite expensive and I’m now out of free planters, so I may just have to wait until next year and see how my first bulb growing season goes.


So, I just removed the old plants and roots, planted them according to the instructions on the packets and covered them over with a bit of fresh compost.  I took the opportunity to give the garden a last little tidy up of the year and did a bit of trimming and de-weeding. Apart from a bit of a sweep up out there, that will probably be the garden done until next year.


I’m so excited to see these pop up in the spring! And I can’t wait until later on next year to see all the perennials come back to life and become more established in their second year. I’m also going to have a go at growing some sweet peas and dahlia’s which won’t be until April, so look out for that! Also I have my eye on one more Dave Austin rose bush – a girl can never have too many roses can she?

So, don’t forget to plant your bulbs, or maybe if you weren’t going to, give them a go! It love that you can just pop them in a pot now, completely forget about them and then after the winter has passed, be met by some beautiful blooms.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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