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Top 5 Autumnal Lipsticks

Yet another one of my favourite parts of Autumn is the fact that I can get out all of my gorgeous dark, berry lipsticks again. Of course you can wear these anytime of year, but it really feeds my soul to wear these with chunky knitwear and feel the crisp air outside. I love to wear dark lipsticks for a few reasons, firstly is because of the impact they give and always make me feel more confident, secondly is how they can make you look so put together and like you spent a lot of time getting ready in the morning even if you didn’t – you can just have brows, mascara and maybe a bit of eyeliner with one of these bold lips and instantly look made up.
I’ve got so many berry/red/wine shade lipsticks as they are the ones I’m always drawn to, but I’ve whittled down my collection to my 5 favourites.
Rebel | MAC £16.50
A creamy mid tone plum shade. It’s very build-able and feels comfortable and moisturising on the lips, without feeling like it’s going to slip around.
A super rich and matte deep dark red, with blue undertones which help to make your teeth look lovely and white.
Glastonberry | Charlotte Tilbury £24
A stunning berry matte shade which still feels comfortable and creamy on the lips. All of Charlotte’s lipsticks smell so nice and fresh, and the packaging is just to die for.
This one probably has a cult status by now but it’s understandable. It glides onto the lips like a dream and feels so light even though it is a super matte deep wine red. It also smells like berries which is lovely.
Antique Velvet – MAC £16.50
Probably my all time favourite, this intense brown matte shade could almost look too dark and put people off, but it’s undertones are so flattering you don’t look washed out and still look full of life.
L-R | Rebel, Sin, Glastonberry, 107, Antique Velvet
So, there’s my top 5! I have so many stunning red shades which I tend to save more for Christmas time, which I would love to share with you guys, if you would be interested in that also? Anyway, happy autumn-ing! 
Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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