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Autumn Clothing Haul

This month I’ve been doing something absolutely shocking and unheard of – spending money on things for myself instead of the house. I know, blasphemous ! But after my summer wardrobe breakthrough of the culottes discovery, as soon as it had become Autumn and no longer really acceptable to wear bright yellow sun trousers, I had already slipped back into my old ways of just wearing leggings every day . So, after a trip to Primark and a little online shop, I feel really confident that I now have the tools in place to keep myself away from the legging addiction (for at least half the week anyway), and have a good Autumn capsule wardrobe going on, ready to throw on super easily, be comfortable and (hopefully) look effortlessly put together.

So, lets get started on what I’ve picked up recently! 


Grey Knitted Dress – Primark £10

I’ve wanted a knitted dress for the longest time, mostly because as my A/W uniform is jumpers and leggings, having a jumper dress would overcome the biggest problem of making sure the jumper is long enough to cover the bum basically. I’m looking forward to wearing this along with some tights and knee high boots.


Khaki Culottes – Boohoo £18

As it’s not really appropriate to wear the nautical inspired culottes I bought in the summer, I thought I should invest in some more autumnal colours. I love these so much already, so comfortable and really easy to wear with a t-shirt and jacket now whilst it’s still mild (but look autumnal at the same time), and with a nice jumper when it get chillier.


Gingham Smock Dress – Primark £10

I love the fit of smock dresses as they are always so comfortable and this one doesn’t disappoint, I’ve been wearing this all the time along with some tights, chelsea boots and a cardigan – and been loving it.


Mocha Culottes – Boohoo £18

Another more autumnal pair of culottes for the collection.


Grey and White Grid Cardigan – Primark £10

I sometimes find that when I get dressed I’ll end up wearing either all one colour (mainly black) or no pattern, so this cardigan is the perfect solution with the grid design adding interest but the grey and white still suiting my love for monochrome. This makes getting dressed super quick as for those days when I do just want to wear some leggings – I can chuck this on top of an all back t-shirt and leggings outfit and still feel presentable.


White V Neck Jumper – Primark £5

A real basic but it’s nice to have some more lightweight jumpers around that can be easily tucked into culottes or jeans.


Burgundy Denim Mini-Skirt – Primark £8

I mean if this skirt doesn’t scream autumn, drinking a PSL, sitting next to a fire and wearing a chunky knit scarf then what does?


Burgundy Bell Sleeve Jumper – Primark £10

Would you look at the sleeves on that?! In order to step up my leggings and a jumper game this A/W I’ve opted for jumpers with a bit of added interest, which this jumper has in bucketsful! Not quite sure how I would put a coat on over this but for those sleeves I’ll find a way.


Mustard Jumper – Primark £13

Added interest through colour? Check 


Black Lace V-Neck Jumper – Primark £13

Added interest through pretty lacy materials? Check 


So theres my autumn haul! I really love it when I buy new clothes and I can easily see how outfits can come together with each other and what I already own, especially since it saves so much time in the morning pondering what to wear/having a breakdown that I have nothing to wear! 

Hope you guys are as excited for autumn as I am!

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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