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Cosy Crafts – DIY Fabric Pumpkins

One of my favourite times of year is here again, so to celebrate I’m doing a small series of a few fun autumnal crafts you can do at home to have some adorable seasonal touches to decorate with. I made some of these cute little fabric pumpkins a few years ago, but I wanted to make them again this year using more neutral fabrics as opposed to the autumnal/pumpkin fabric that I used previously, so I thought that I would do my best to write a DIY guide for you guys. Also big thanks to Toby for taking the pictures for me (and the reason why there is 3 hands in some of the pics )!

DIY Fabric Pumpkins

What you will need:

 Material of your choice
 Twigs cut into lengths of a few inches
 Needle – standard size & a long/big eye one e.g. tapestry, cross-stitch or chenille
 Sewing machine (optional)
 Hot glue gun (or super glue)
 Twine – either buy a thin 1mm one like this, or separate standard twine strands to get it thin enough to thread the needle
 Toy stuffing


  1. Measure your fabric – to make the different sizes of pumpkin as show in my photos you will need to cut a rectangle:IMG_3514

Small – 10×5 inch
Medium – 15×7.5 inch
Large – 20×10 inch

TIP: John Lewis provide max 5 free fabric samples online which are a good enough size to make one pumpkin, so a thrifty way of making some of these would be to order some free samples online and using those! Don’t cut the samples down, just use them in the size they come.


2. Cut your fabric the desired size.


3. Fold your fabric in half, with the wrong side of the fabric facing outwards.


4. Stitch along the edge where the two sides meet opposite to the fold. You don’t need to use a sewing machine for this, just make sure it’s a secure stitch!


5. Along the top of your square you need to do a running stitch – secure your stitch first by going back and forth through the fabric a few times at the start and then really loosely run large stitches along the top.


6. Once you come to the end of the side, pull the thread tightly so that the fabric gathers up.


7. Pull tightly and place a few stitches where it all meets, to secure.


8. Turn the right way out.


9. Stuff well with your toy stuffing.


10. Perform another running stitch in the same manner along the open end of the pumpkin.


11. Again, pull tightly the gather up the material and add a few stitches to secure.


12. Swap needles to one that is longer and has bigger eye, and thread this with your twine. Where both ends of the fabric has been gathered is going to be the top/bottom of the pumpkin, sew through your pumpkin directly from the bottom to the top.


13. It can be quite difficult to pull the needle out through the other side so pliers of some kind may come in useful – DO NOT USE YOUR TEETH! Trust me 


14. When you have pulled the twine from the bottom to the top, you then want to bring the twine round the side of the pumpkin and then thread the needle back up through the bottom and out through the top again, pulling tightly to create some shape for the pumpkin. You need to repeat this 7 more times (8 in total) to create the 8 sections for the pumpkin body.


15. Once you’ve finished creating the 8 sections, tie off the twine and heat up your hot glue gun (or superglue/whatever glue you are using) and cut your twig into a 1-2 inch length.


16. Apply glue and press twig in place until dry. If you didn’t want to use twigs you could make the stem of the pumpkin using felt or a different material, and sew and stuff a little stump.


17. Pop your adorable little pumpkins in pride of place around the house!

IMG_3497 copyIMG_3500 copy

Hopefully this tutorial has made sense, it’s always so much harder to explain things like this through text but hopefully it’s comprehendible!

Happy crafting and happy autumn!

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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