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DIY Window Seat

Last week I was finally able to post a tour of our bedroom, I say finally because there was still one element of our room which was incomplete and really irritated me, so I delayed showing it on here until it was done. From the title of this post you can probably guess what it is – the window seat! If you look at the photo below of the house before we moved in you can see what I’m talking about. All the elements were already in place for a nice, cosy seat next to the window except there was no front panelling of any sort, so although it may have been a good place for some extra storage, you would be subjected to looking at it, which I was not prepared to do! I had been using a blanket draped over the front to cover the mess that was ensuing underneath for a while, but finally Toby got round to building me a proper panel for the front.

old bedroom1

I found and showed him this photo below from Instagram of the kind of detail and how I wanted the panel to look:


And this is what he made for me:


In his own words he “bought an approx 12x1220x2440mm piece of MDF which I cut to fit in the space and then rounded off the edges along the top with an electric plane so it is smooth and safe to sit on. As you can see from the pictures there was previously a frame there from before so I just nailed it into the frame. To add the detailing of the rectangles I used some wooden trim from Wickes. I began by drawing 2 perfect rectangles onto the MDF, making sure to equally measure from the centre and that they were the same size. I used this as a guide for how long each length of trim needed to be, cut them to size, mitred the corners and then nailed each length on to create each rectangle. I used door lining instead of skirting along the bottom so it’s nice and small and simply measured, cut and nailed this on.”

I then cracked on and painted it just using some leftover white floor paint and it was finished! It was a comparatively small job to do but has made such a difference in completing the room. Obviously we were fortunate in that the frame and the top of the seat was already in place, but I hope that this post may still be helpful to anyone wanting to make there own window seat or use as an example/reference of what they would like!



Close up of the trim and skirting along the bottom:


Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18


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