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DIY Scaffolding Shelves

Among the many jobs we’re doing constantly around the house, one of them that I had been thinking about for a while was to remove a set of cupboards in the kitchen and replace them with some open shelves. There was nothing wrong with the cupboards but with the amazing storage that the kitchen already provides us, these cupboards were slightly redundant and mostly housed my Emma Bridgewater bowls, plates and some more of my collection, so it seemed a shame to have them behind a door. Especially once we got the smeg fridge, the height of the cupboards next to the smeg looked a bit off-balanced, so we decided to go ahead replacing them with scaffolding shelves.


First we removed the old cupboards and put them into storage.


I then went about repairing the holes using Polyfilla and re-painting the wall. The wiring is something we will sort out at a later date using a casing of some kind, but for now I just painted them as best as I could.


So for the shelves themselves, first up you want to get hold of some scaffold boards. You can buy them from places like B&Q or Homebase,  or if you’re lucky you may know someone who works on building sites that could acquire some for free. We then just measured and cut them to the size we wanted.


Then it’s time to sand down the board and make them nice and smooth. Sand until you’re satisfied and as for the metal bits of the end of each board and on the top, you can remove them if you want with a hammer or bar. I removed them for now as they were stained with paint that wouldn’t come off, if we can at a later date we might find some more and put them back on.


I then just applied a clear wax to the boards with an old tea towel to seal them.


Then we popped them up. The brackets are from eBay here in the 180x195mm size.


I’m really pleased with them. They give a really nice industrial look and feel, are really strong and sturdy, cheap and come in a good width which perfectly fits a whole range of bowls and plates, including my Emma Bridgewater pasta bowls which are around 30cm wide. Removing the old cupboards has opened up the kitchen and made it feel much larger and brighter.


Hope you guys like them!

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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