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1 Year Blogiversary

I thought I’d do an extra post this week because today marks a very special day, the 1 year anniversary of my blog! So much has changed in just one year, we’ve moved house and were lucky enough to become parents of the best sausage dog in the world. I feel so thankful that I was able to document and record all these amazing things on here, and even just a few months on I still love to look back and read these posts.

Starting this blog was one of the scariest things ever, I’d wanted to do it for so long but had been too scared about putting myself out there. But actually it’s not scary at all and I would thoroughly encourage anyone wanting to start one to do it. It’s so fun to just be able to have your own space to write about whatever you want, no matter what your interests are. As much as I do enjoy posting on here, there have been a few rocky spots in this first year, with quite a few months of no posts or activity. Considering this though I’ve posted over 40 times this year which I think isn’t so bad after all, and now I’ve got a new schedule of posting and better organisation, hopefully there won’t be many gaps at all in the future.

Thank you to everyone for reading, commenting, liking and supporting me for this first year, and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts.

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