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DIY Outdoor Cushions

As part of our recent garden update, the new table and chairs we picked up were crying out for some seat cushions, not only for comfort but I love adding fabrics to a space to add texture and pattern.

On our recent visit to the Summer Country Brocante at Cowdray Castle I spotted a bistro table and chairs that had the most stunning seat cushions with a pom pom trim along the front. Pom poms makes everything about 1000x better, so I knew I wanted to do that on my cushions.

So, what you will need to make your own gorgeous pom pom outdoor cushions:

Fabric of your choice (best to pick a hardier one, such as a canvas or linen), the ones I used are: Bee linen  and plain linen

Pom pom trim: mine from here

Scissors, sewing machine, pins

Cushion inner

Fastenings of your choice

Waterproof spray: the one I used from here

IMG_1710 copy.jpg

Now, I am by no means a sewing expert in the slightest so I would definitely recommend looking up another tutorial for a better explanation of the cushion making side. But obviously you want to start by cutting your fabric to size, your front fabric in one piece and the back in two, each being a few inches larger than needed.

IMG_1712 copy.jpg

Pin and hem the back two pieces.

IMG_1713 copy.jpg

You then want to cut 4 strips of a fabric of your choice about 10 inches long and fold them each in half. Pin them and then sew around all the edges. These will become the tabs on the back of the cushion to tie it to the chair.

IMG_1714 copy.jpg

You then want to go ahead and sew it all together, with the pom pom trim at the front (would recommend you to iron it too, as I clearly didn’t).

IMG_1811 copy.jpg

And a view of the back:

IMG_1812 copy.jpg

Now comes the crucial ‘outdoorifying’ part. By spraying a water repellent spray not only helps to avoid the cushion becoming damp or growing mould, but also helps to avoid any stains on the cushion. Follow the instructions on the can and allow to dry. It should make any liquid that drops on it bead and not soak into the fabric.


Place on chair, make a cup of tea, sit and enjoy your gorgeous new cushion!


Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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