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English Country Garden

Do you remember when I said that I was always renovating the house? Yep, I wasn’t lying. So you may remember a few weeks ago I blogged about our garden refurb we did a couple months ago, well I decided to change it all up again. As much as it was fit for purpose and was nice, it really didn’t feel right or in-keeping with the house or my style. I get this feeling when a space really reflects ‘me’, and I wanted to achieve this in the garden.

Now, doing all the work was easy in comparison to thinking and deciding what to do. When it comes to garden I am a fish out of water (up until coming up a year ago I’d never had one of my own!) I really put a lot of time into researching and thinking about what I could and what I wanted to do in the space, but one major plus coming out of this project is my new found knowledge, love and appreciation for gardening. I thoroughly enjoyed researching types of flowers, what their needs are, proper plant care, seasons, perennials, annuals, etc, etc.

So, after I had decided and planned in my head what needed to be done, it commenced immediately with me heading out to Homebase that evening so I could get cracking. I wanted a country cottage feel in our little terraced garden, with lots of beautiful flowers, great spaces to comfortably sit and eat, and it be bright and airy.

First on the job list was to tackle this seating area. The previous owners had built this clever decking seating area, but it was rotting and the plants either side were quite difficult to keep under control and were too large for the space.


With a bit of help I cut them back and removed them, I have now come to the conclusion that removing old plants and roots is definitely my least favourite aspect of gardening.


I had seen a picture on Pinterest where a similar brick seating area was against perhaps a fence that had cladding on the side, so we thought why not do the same to ours to cover the not so attractive breeze blocks. Toby did a brilliant job and did this all in about an hour, out of everything that we did I think this makes the most difference.


I could now go ahead and paint all the new cladding and all the walls in the garden. I used Sandtex Textured Masonry paint in Chalk Hill to cover the ‘lovely’ cream . This was a bit of a labour of love trying to paint round the tree on the right , definitely recommend painting before planting where possible!

IMG_1503 copy

Toby’s brother then replaced the decking for us, I didn’t realise how grim looking it was before until after, and made a big difference in making the space look brighter, and more comfortable to sit on. We popped up this gorgeous metal heart I got from the Summer Country Brocante, and planted some rosemary either side.


A view of the garden by the side of the house. At the back is our garden storage and log store, BBQ and seating areas. As well as home to gorgeous hanging baskets I received as a birthday gift from Toby’s mum.


If you read my previous garden post you may recognise these table and chairs, I really love the ornate detailing but the table was a bit too small to sit round and eat a BBQ, so we bought it round to the side of the house instead. I painted it in Farrow & Ball exterior eggshell in Teresa’s Green, and potted up my herbs and moved the flowers from the old flowerbed into the butler sink.


Vintage metal bucket I also got from the Summer Country Brocante planted with a Hydrangea.


View of the garden from the other side.


Table and chairs painted in Cuprinol paint in ‘Willow‘.


We removed the old pots that were along the fence and Toby built these planters for me.


To keep with the English country garden theme I planted white hydrangeas and David Austin rose ‘the growing gardener’. It’s just coming into bloom now and the roses look and smell beautiful.


The flower bed was replanted with lavender.


Toby built another planter for me for the patio, it gets sunlight all  late morning and afternoon so is the perfect place to grow flowers. I found this new larger cast metal table and chairs on gumtree and picked them up, the chairs also have arms so it makes it even more comfortable to sit and enjoy.


Solar powered festoon lights from here.


In this planter I have David Austin ‘Claire Austin’ roses and Nemesia’s.


Some more pots with an olive tree, ‘Doris’, and daisy looking flowers.



So, there is the new garden. I’m so pleased with how it turned out, it feels a lot more ‘me’ and in-keeping with the feel of the rest of the house. I love all the flowers out there and now that we’ve got it how we want it, next year will be a lot easier and quicker to get it ready for the BBQ season and planting flowers. I can’t wait to fill the pots with daffodils and tulips in the spring and definitely want to plant some sweet peas in the terracotta pot in the corner for next summer. 

Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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