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June Favourites

It’s almost been a whole year since I did a monthly favourites, so I thought I would do another one as it’s been a pretty exciting month with my birthday and plenty of new things that I’m loving at the moment.


First is quite a random favourite but something that I’m loving none the less, and that is this gorgeous hand wash from Plum & Ashby. They’re a lovely brand that I found through Instagram, which first caught my attention because of their packaging. I love a good vintage looking amber bottle and think they look so beautiful next to the sink. I also love the labels on the product, but my favourite thing is the scent. I have ‘Green Fig & Lavender’ and it’s simply divine. So fresh and summery, and lavender is one of my favourite scents. I’m definitely going to be getting more, one for every bathroom in the house I think.


Next is this stunning nail polish from Essie in ‘Fiji’. It quite literally is just the perfect colour for all: occasions, outfits and skin colours (makes you look more tanned!).It’s stunning and I haven’t been able to stop wearing it on my hands or feet for well over a month. I apply 3 coats and use a top coat to help it last longer, and also make it appear like a gel polish, I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on it or people asking me if its a gel. LOVE!


It was my Birthday this month and I was lucky enough to be surprised by Toby with this stunning pom pom bag. I had my eyes on it for a while and had a tab open on my laptop for weeks for it incase I could make a splurge purchase, but then it went out of stock anyway. Little did I know Toby had ordered it and I think for the first time ever he actually managed to pull off a surprise (he normally gets too excited and tells me). I love it so much! I’ve not really ever had a market bag before but they are so useful! Perfect for popping down to the shops, country markets, road trips, hospital visits and of course for Instagram pictures . Seriously though, really well made, perfect size, and super useful.


Another amazing thing I got for my birthday was a trip to Disneyland Paris from Toby. We had the most amazing time at the most magical place on earth so, of course, it had to be a favourite this month. We drove there and stayed in one of the hotels at the park for 2 nights with 3 days in the park, and it was so much fun. My favourite day was definitely the second day, we spent all day in both the parks, had dinner at Plaza Gardens in Main Street and watched the show and fireworks over the castle. So magical .


This next one is a bit strange too, but luckily at Disney it was stunning weather as was the UK when we returned. We definitely had the best June weather for a long time, and I was enjoying every minute of it outside, so much that I even got quite a tan! Amazingly as well I didn’t get sunburned at all, and neither did Toby when we were at Disney, all thanks to this amazing sun cream from Nivea. I’ve used this one for a couple of years and it’s by far my favourite. It’s UV protection is really good, which is obviously the most important factor, but additionally it helps to promote your skins production of melanin which is what your tan is, therefore helping you to tan better. I’m not 100% sure if this works or not, but I’m tanned and did not burn at all, so 5* from me.


This product is one of the first ever highlighting products I ever bought about 5 years ago, before the highlighting and contouring trend got really big, and even now with a market saturated with highlighters, it’s still by far one of my favourites. It’s actually a cream colour base from MAC in the shade ‘Pearl’, which means that you can not only use it on you cheekbones to highlight, but also on the eyes, lips, body or wherever else you want to put it. I’m loving patting this on my cheekbones with lots of bronzer for a really summery look. It makes me feel like I’m on holiday and look super glowy. I took this photo just in daylight, no flash, on the most rainy, cloudy day ever and look at that blinding glow .

Next up is a total guilty pleasure, but I have to mention it because unashamedly I can’t wait until 9pm every single night – of course it’s Love Island. I’m totally hooked on it and don’t know what I’m going to do when it finishes. Right now I love Camilla and Montana, and absolutely loathe Tyla and Jonny, also not sure about Dom, I get a really nasty vibe from him. Also what do we think about Gabby and Marcel not choosing Tyla to leave? Oh my god – So. Much. Drama!


My final favourite this month is the garden, and gardening in general. I spent so much time out there this month enjoying the gorgeous weather and its made me even more excited for the rest of the summer to enjoy out there. When we did our little garden revamp a few months ago, I planted a little flowerbed and it’s really sparked an interest in gardening for me. I’m loving researching, reading and watching about gardening and plants, and really appreciating the flowers and plants around me, I really want to buy a couple of books to continue learning about it. Each time I go to a garden centre I’m feeling less and less overwhelmed by whats there and really enjoy going to them now. Because of this I’m stepping up my gardening game and am actually currently doing another revamp to the garden, which of course there will be a blog post about when it’s done!

So there’s my monthly favourites for June. I do actually enjoy these types of posts as it really helps to look back at reflect on a month. Time always feels like it’s going so quickly and the months are just flying by, so to step back for a minute and really think about the previous month feels really cathartic and constructive for me, I might start doing them a bit more often .

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