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Instagram Made Me Buy It!

If there’s one thing us lot collectively on Instagram are, if not anything else, is instigators . We all love to share our purchases and happy post, bargains and obviously the contents of our homes. So naturally with the amount of time I spend on Instagram and how much I love shopping, theres definitely a fair few things in the house which I can put my hands up and say Instagram made me buy it! 

Lets kick this off with probably the most ridiculous one on this list, the ever so cult and ridiculously expensive Diptyque candle. I bought the Baies 190g candle from space.nk for an eye-watering £45 a few months ago, for a fair few reasons actually. I’ve followed beauty and lifestyle bloggers for years who have always raved and featured these burning in the back of their videos, so I’ve always wanted to smell and own one of my own and knew it would look lovely on display. I finally bit the bullet and had a “treat yo’ self” moment and I have to say I was slightly disappointed. Upon arrival the wax was all smeared and stuck around the top of the glass, and the whole candle itself would actually come out of the glass if I turned it over. The smell is nice, does fill a room well, and the candle does burn evenly. Is it nicer than a White Company candle for £20? No. Jo Malone for the same price is much better quality too, and comes better packaged, in my opinion.


Every few months or so there seems so be some bargain or product that everyone rushes out to buy – those Aldi candles anyone? Normally I do refrain myself, however there has been one occasion very recently where I gave in and got involved. Gorgeous embroidered wide brimmed sun hats have been everywhere on Insta for the last couple of months with personalised ones going around the £40, and then word got out that HomeBargains were selling them from £3.99 so I had to go and see if I could pick one up when I was going past, and I’m not disappointed. For the price you can’t really go wrong in the first place and the same day I bought it I actually booked myself a week long holiday to Barcelona, so I can proudly wear it and show it off .


Behind every good Insta pic is a good bunch of flowers. From roses, daffodils, tulips, peonies, stocks, sunflowers, as the seasons come and go, so do our feeds with beautiful flowers. Don’t get me wrong, I love to have flowers in the house as they personally make me happy and I feel really make and lift a room, and are also a great way to decorate for the seasons. However, I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t a tiny thought at the back of my mind when buying them that they are gonna look great on the kitchen table for when I take pictures .


Coffee table styling 101 requires coffee table books, and an aesthetically pleasing selection of them. So of course, when I saw beautifully styled coffee tables on my feed I knew I needed to start to build a collection.


Last year light boxes were all the rage on our feeds, the perfect accessory to add some cute text or write a message for your instas, so no surprise here that when they became available at the Range for £9.99, I would get one. I did enjoy it at first and would change up the text every so often and use it for a few pictures, now unfortunately it sits very unloved and un-used. I have changed the text maybe twice in the last year and turned it on even fewer times, but it was fun while it lasted eh? 


Just before Christmas I really noticed a lot of posts on my feed and explore talking about Zoflora, whether they were #ad or just one of the many Zoflora addicts I know are out there I’m not sure, but when I saw limited edition Christmas scents I knew I needed to try it. So, I popped down to B&M and found the limited editions, popped them into my steam mop and never looked back. The cranberry & pomegranate was my favourite for winter and now I’m all about that linen fresh. I’ve also mixed some up into a bottle but I tend to reach for something with bleach or some de-greasing power for the kitchen sides as I’m still not quite convinced that just water is enough, maybe one day I will be a full convert.


So there’s my guilty Instagram purchases!

I would love it for this to become a tag and for you all to share what Instagram has made you buy, so please share in the comments, or on Instagram, or your own posts what you have bought!

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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