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Garden Spruce-up

A month or two ago, with the world renowned British summer imminent, we decided that the garden was in need of a bit of a spruce up. With our house being a Victorian Terrace, a large garden was never going to be very realistic, however the garden size we have is perfect for us. Enough room to sit out and enjoy the sun, for Honey to run around, play and do her business, and to grow a few flowers. However, after the winter the garden resembled more of a mud pit where the small patch of grass had been condemned by the weather. So, we decided to have a go at putting down some artificial grass and planting a flower bed.

This is the original photo of the grass area of the garden from the property listing:


Firstly, for the artificial grass we set about digging up what was left of the turf, I took the photo below when Toby was almost finished, however if you look at the top left section of what turf was left you can see what I mean by more mud-pit that lawn . I sourced the artificial grass from a local company and they simply cut off how much we needed, which wasn’t much at 3x4m. With some persuasion I managed to get trade prices which meant it came to the grand total of £82, I can’t quite remember what the official name or details of it was unfortunately, but it was 1 down from their most luxurious, and was much softer/thicker etc than any sold at Homebase or B&Q.


Next, Toby levelled off the soil and bordered off the edges using 4×2 pieces of wood, and put stakes in the corners and centres for support.


After that we laid 2 layers of weed membrane down and essentially created a giant sandpit by filling the box with sand and compacting it. We used quite a few bags of sand that probably came to a total of around £40.


Finally, we rolled out the grass and used some green decking screws to screw the grass down into the wood borders, making sure it was pulled tight and used a stanley knife to cut and trim it down to size.

Along the far edge the previous owners had filled the border with rocks and stones, and Toby had the amazing idea to turn it into a little flower bed. So I removed the stones, filled it with some soil taken from the mud-pit and planted a selection of flowers I bought from the garden centre. They’re all growing very well so far, so much so that I definitely over-filled the bed as it’s bursting full!


And there you have it, our spruced up garden. It’s so much nicer to be out there now, Honey loves to play and lie on it (she didn’t have any trouble adjusting to going toilet on there either), I love to lie and sunbathe out there, and just simply having nice green grass all the time and some pretty flowers makes such a difference.

Hope you like it!


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