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DIY Clay Tags

A while ago I ordered some beautiful hand made ceramic tags from the extremely talented Haley @handcraftedlove for my tea, coffee and sugar pots. I’ve wanted some more for ages to organise the pantry and put all flour, sugar and pasta etc into glass jars and tag them, but she is so popular that she’s only opened her order book once this year (I think!) and I’m sure has a waiting list that would take her to the end of the year!! (can we just appreciate how amazing this is! I love how we all support each other and small businesses, the Instagram community is such a positive place)


So, impatient as I am, I thought I would use the lovely tags I bought from her as inspiration to try and make my own.

What you will need:


Baking or parchment paper | Rolling pin (no longer used for food) or a glass jar | Egg cup or cookie cutter the size you want your tags | PVA glue | Letter stamp set |Acrylic paint | White air drying modelling clay | Paint brushes


Place your parchment paper on the work surface and remove a small ball of clay from the packet.


Roll out your clay to your desired thickness – something around the thickness of a £1 or £2 coin is what I went for.


Use your egg cup or cutter to cut out your tags.


Get your index finger slightly wet and run it around the sides of the tags to smooth down the edges, and also smooth the top to get rid of any imperfections.


Now its time to stamp! This kit I got off eBay is great, it was just over £5 when I bought it (they change the price quite often) and the letters were the perfect size. Begin stamping the first tag that you smoothed down (it stamps better when they aren’t as damp) and write whatever you want. I made my tags for all types of flour, sugars, nuts, pasta, rice, dog treats – the tagging possibilities are endless!


Once you’ve stamped your text, use a pencil to make a hole at the top for the string.


Now we wait for them to dry, they take about 24 hours and turn a light white colour when dry. I flipped mine over first thing in the morning to help the underside dry quicker too.


Fully dried


Next came honestly the hardest part, it was a bit of trial and error for this step trying to paint the letters. Initially I attempted to use some black acrylic paint, which would be a good option except I couldn’t find a paintbrush that was thin enough to precisely fill in the stamps. I resorted to using a fountain pen and ink, which did work well, but wasn’t the easiest nor what you would have just lying around. I would suggest sticking to the paint and a super thin paintbrush or something like a ultra-fine tip sharpie.


After the ink or paint is dry, use a paintbrush to apply a coat of PVA glue over the tags and letters.


Once they are dry they will have a nice shiny finish and an extra protective layer.


Use some twine, string or ribbon to thread the hole and get tagging!


I would love to know if you give this a go! I’m super pleased with them and really enjoyed making them 

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 20.59.18

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