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Hallway Plans

Now that all of the major work that I want to do to the house (for now!) has been completed, I can finally start thinking about doing the hallway. I’ve waited until now because theres nothing worse than freshly painting a wall or getting a new carpet, and then it being scuffed up and marked by furniture and bath tubs going up and down the stairs with muddy work boots on! I’m so excited to get my hands on it because first impressions do count, and unfortunately they way it is now really lets the rest of the house down, it’s quite simply cold, boring and uninviting – which is not how I want to advertise my home!

Right now it has all been painted white, along with painted stairs, which now have a yellow tinge, along with so many marks and chips they constantly look absolutely filthy. Theres a radiator, a cabinet which houses the electric mains and nice mahogany stained floorboards in the hallway. Everything is marked and scuffed, theres nothing on the walls but still hooks and nails left from the previous owners. However, it does feature ridiculously high ceilings, beautiful light shades and original coving, which are sadly a bit overlooked.

So, heres the plan …

Firstly, to repaint and spruce up the paintwork.

I am going to repaint the already white walls white again and repaint the woodwork and stairs, maybe white or maybe something like a light grey or off white from F&B. Then on the lower half of the walls in the hallway and going up the stairs I plan to paint a nice warm shade of grey, mimicking having a dado rail without the hassle of the carpentry. This will help to give the hallway more of a flow and break up the sheer height of the walls so it doesn’t feel so daunting.


Although I am going to repaint the stairs, it’s only going to be for the purpose of making them look cleaner and neater before having a stair runner. I haven’t had a look at our local suppliers and what they offer yet, but I know I want to have rods going across each stair and that I would like it to have a block colour going up each side, like this:


Finally, I want to create a gallery wall. I love the effect a good gallery wall can create and it’s the perfect thing to fill the space on the walls and add some character, as unfortunately the hallway is so narrow it would be impossible to have any furniture along it. Right now I’m thinking of having it will all black frames a bit like this:


There could be a few other things I would want to add, like a mirror or maybe a curtain by the door, or painting the door! But that is all my plans currently, which hopefully I’ll be able to do in a couple of months time, so watch this space 🙂


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