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Bathroom Renovation – The Reveal

So, the time is finally here! Maybe 4 or so weeks since we started the bathroom it is now complete, well technically it was done last weekend, but there was still a few little bits that I wanted to get sorted before I wrote this post. I’m so pleased with it and it feels like a relaxing and luxurious hotel bathroom (or better) when I go in there, which is exactly the feel I wanted to create. I’d never even had a bath in a roll-top style before, so I was slightly nervous as to whether it might not be comfortable or that I would be able to lay back or sit properly, but I’ve tried and tested it multiple times now and can safely confirm that it’s the most comfortable bath I’ve ever been in.

So without any further ado, lets get on to the before:

There was a metal enamel coated bath, with a over head shower that quite interestingly was right over the middle of the bath. Simple white tiles with a neutral mosaic trim around, and a lovely wooden bath panel that we’ve actually kept and think that it might originally be from the bay window seat in our bedroom, which doesn’t currently have a front.


There was a whole range of IKEA accessories in the bathroom, including these set of 3 shelves. They were fine, but didn’t provide enough storage for me and the shelves weren’t really wide enough to hold baskets or larger items that bottles.


Curtains made from a William Morris fabric which I’ve kept,they were lovely quality and really well made with a really thick lining.


Lovely traditional style sink and toilet.


The floor had been returned to floorboards and painted white.


The transformation:

Firstly, we took out the bath and shower, and took the tiles off the wall.


Next, we had to plaster where the tiles had been, luckily they were really nice to remove and didn’t take hardly any of the plaster off so we didn’t have to replace the plasterboard or anything,.


The plaster took around 3 days to dry, with the aide of a little heater that I placed in there and had going almost 24/7. I could then get started with tiling the back wall, behind where the bath will be. I decided to tackle these myself as the website we bought them from reccomened using silicon adhesive to attack it to the wall, which is a lot more user friendly and cleaner to use than normal tile adhesive, I just started off from the bottom, using tile spacers, and worked my way up in a staggered pattern.


I did the cuts of the tiles the following evening using a glass cutter and a guide to help keep it straight.


Later that evening I grouted the wall using ‘Ash Grey’ Grout, I just mixed some in a tupperware container with a bit of water until I achieved the consistency I wanted, and then used a sponge to push it into the lines. After I had grouted all of them I gave it a quick wipe off with a damp sponge, but waited until the following evening to clean them properly once the grout had dried.


I then proceeded to paint the room as I knew it would be easier to move around and get a ladder in here whilst the bath still wasn’t. The walls are in Farrow and Ball Modern Emulsion in Cornforth White.


I also painted all the woodwork and the radiator in a Homebase own brand white eggshell paint. I love eggshell paint as it’s so thick and nice to work with, it doesn’t take too long to dry and leaves a lovely sheen finish, which is durable and easy to wipe clean. I’m often one to skip doing the woodwork and have only done it maybe twice out of all the rooms I’ve redecorated, but doing it in this room has made me a complete convert to always refresh the woodwork as, especially if it was gloss before, it is so yellow! It’s hard to notice unless you’ve got a true, bright white next to it, but I’m never going to skip this step again and am already contemplating doing all the woodwork in the house during the summer maybe.


The next few stages were fairly slow moving so apologies for not having so many pictures of these but bascially we had to:

  • Move the pluming and pipes to be in the correct place for the new bath
  • Take out the sink and toilet in order to tile the floor
  • Lay a matting on the floor, tile on top and grout
  • Plumb back in the toilet and sink, and make adjustments to the pluming as it was now slightly higher off the ground as it was now on the tiles
  • Box in the pipe work along the sink and toilet
  • Install and plumb in the bath
  • Box in around the bath
  • Paint the boxing in
  • Install the new shelves/curtain pole/chandelier


After: IMG_9378IMG_9379IMG_9380IMG_9381IMG_9384IMG_9386IMG_9394IMG_9398IMG_9399IMG_9402IMG_9405IMG_9407

And there it is! As I said, I’m so pleased with how it turned out and although there still a few tiny things I still need to paint and touch up on, it’s already the most relaxing space. I love going in there, running a bubble bath, lighting all the candles and turning off the lights. It’s heavenly and makes all the time, stress and mess worth it.

I thought I’d do a round up of the cost and where we got everything from here:

  • Bath and taps £100 – Gumtree (this was our biggest bargain as I managed to find this beauty of a bath, in amazing condition with the cast iron feet and lovely taps all for £100!
  • Floor Tiles £70 (5.4sqm) – Homebase
  • Farrow & Ball Cornforth White Paint £43 – Homebase
  • Toilet Seat £25 – Homebase
  • Wall Tiles £145 – My Furniture
  • Cast Iron Shelving Brackets £12 – Ebay
  • Shelving Ladder £32 – Ebay
  • Peg Rail £24 – Ebay
  • Curtains £27 – The Range
  • Chandelier £35 – The Range
  • Curtain Tie Backs £10 – Ebay
  • Eucalyptus Plant £6 – The Range
  • Succulent in Mirrored Pot £4 – The Range
  • Materials £280 – Mix of Homebase, Screwfix & Topps Tiles

Total: £813

So there you have it! I hope you love it as much as I do, can’t wait to go and have another bath!


5 thoughts on “Bathroom Renovation – The Reveal”

  1. Beautiful bathroom. This might be a stupid question but how much space did you leave at the back of the bath so you can clean the tiles?


    1. Sorry for such a delayed reply!Thankyou very much! I did a quick measurement using my hand and the gap is around 5 inches, so it’s just enough room to get your arm down there 🙂


      1. Thank you I really appreciate your reply, I will put that into my calculations for a roll top now x

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  2. This is really great tips for renovating the bathroom by on our own. Your blog tells us us the each step that we should do while doing renovation. Thanks for sharing this.
    You have done a perfect job !


  3. This is really great tips for renovating the bathroom by on our own. Your blog tells us us the each step that we should do while doing renovation. Thanks for sharing this.


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