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Mother’s Day Picks

With Mothers’s day fast approaching on the 26th March, I thought I’d do a little round up of some gift ideas that I think would be quite lovely to receive, and some things I’ve seen that I thought would be perfect for my lovely Mum.


For the Mum who doesn’t buy anything for herself:

My Mum definitely falls into this category, she’s always so busy doing things and looking after everyone else that she never buys anything nice or treats for herself, and the only shopping she does is the weekly food shop, or for others. So, here’s some lovely options of things that will be a hit every time, and that your lovely Mum wouldn’t want to splash the cash out on herself for.


Honey Bath £33 Laura Mercier | Candle £42 Jo Malone | Cologne £44 Jo Malone | Charlotte’s Magic Cream £70 Charlotte Tilbury | Candle £42 Diptyque

For the home loving Mum:

Probably what most people (men!) go for when they are thinking of what to get their Mum, but instead of popping down to the Co-Op and seeing what selection they’ve got this year, these versions might fare a bit better 😉


Photo Frame £6 Sainsburys | Wallflower Mug £20 Emma Bridgewater | Roberts Radio £140 John Lewis | Tiny Rose Mug £20 Emma Bridgewater | Hygge Coffee Table Book £8 Amazon

For the Mum who loves to go out (or maybe hardly does!):


Day out/stay at a country house ££ – Have a look at Groupon/Wowcher for good deals

Afternoon Tea £ – Local cafe’s or Groupon/Wowcher or maybe The Ritz or Claridges!

Spa Trip/Massage ££ – Groupon/Wowcher do good deals

Handmade – Any Mum loves something that is thoughtful and handmade, after all it is the thought that always counts 🙂

Hopefully that would have given you a couple of ideas, or a reference point for Mothers to send your son/clueless husband to! (and for Toby to see what our puppy Honey can get me ;))

To all the Mother’s out there – I hope you have a wonderful day 💕


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