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4 Interior Trends I’m Loving


Now that we’re well and truly into 2017, all of the trends of the year are emerging  and some from last year are still staying strong. So, I thought I’d do a round up of a few of my favourite trends and how you could use inspiration from them within your own home.


I’m honestly obsessed with these interiors, they all look so cosy and inviting, which when you first think about having a black hallway isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. I also love how by painting the walls a dark colour makes everything that you put on it really stand out and pop. I get that painting a room a dark colour or black isn’t for everyone, as much as I love it I can’t see myself doing it to any of my rooms anytime soon, but imagine even a chimney breast painted black with a gorgeous painting on it – so stunning. A low-key version that you could do within your own home is to start thinking about introducing dark colours to really contrast and (if you’re a lover of white and grey interiors like myself) show off your lights and brights. For example, by placing a darker colour on the floor if you have white walls and furniture, using black frames on a white wall, a dark rug or light fitting, just small touches here and there to think about the balance of a space, and creating contrast.


Blush pink has made it clear it is still here and here to stay. After being Pantone’s colour of the year last year it’s still showing that its going nowhere. Definitely one of the great appeals of this gorgeous colour is that it will go with any other colour scheme, and as you can see goes equally gorgeous with navy, white, grey, copper, green etc – endless possibilities. It can easily be introduced in your existing spaces as an update through accessories such as art or prints, cushions, throws and vases, of which I think it would look particularly beautiful in the bedroom.


In the past faux plants have quite often been frowned upon or perhaps even been seen as tacky. But in recent months I’ve seen shops really up their game at producing a more tasteful and realistic range of many different types of faux plants and flowers. I love them as you can get some really beautiful ones for the same price as a real bouquet, except they don’t require any attention and won’t die within a few weeks. They are cost-effective and are super versatile to go anywhere in the house, such as on the kitchen table or for coffee table styling. Here are a few places where I’ve seen some really beautiful faux flowers that would be worth investigating if you’re on the hunt – Homesense, The Range, George at Asda and M&S.


Marble is another one that it here to stay, it’s been gracing our Pinterest screens and the Insta’s of lifestyle bloggers for the past few years and it’s not going anywhere, if anything more and more retailers seem to been creating marble look items, such as a gorgeous marble look lamp that I saw in the Range the other week for around £15, I’ve also recently laid marble look tiles in my bathroom. It goes stunning in every room of the house, from marble worktops in the kitchen that you could even find in IKEA, to metro tiles in the bathroom or wallpaper. In B&Q and the Range they also sell marble look vinyl stickers that you can stick to anything, such as an old coffee table to update it and give it the marble look.

What trends are you guys loving?


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