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Tips to Become a Sleeping Beauty

So recently I went through a stage where I could just not get to sleep. It was so irritating! But no matter what I did I would just not ever get tired enough and would just be laying in bed, staring at the ceiling and not being able to fall sleep until gone 2am. Not ideal when you have work at 6am the following morning! 

I used a variety of different techniques over the space of a few weeks to combat this and have now got my sleeping back under control, am getting a better quality of sleep and being able to get to sleep so much quicker. So I thought I would share with you the little routine I made for myself:

Firstly, ensure you eat dinner at a sensible time! Between 7-8pm is when I always try to have dinner, but when I have it later it just means that I can’t relax for as long before bed. There are also lots of health benefits that come for eating dinner at an earlier time which is obviously good too, but really I just hate doing the dishes at 10pm 

 Secondly, set a bedtime. For 2 weeks straight it was lights out at 11pm, no matter what day of the week, what time I had woken up or whether or not I was tired. I didn’t let myself have any naps during the days, believe me this was so hard to not have a little afternoon nap when you’re running
on 3 hours sleep from the previous night but you have to fight it!

 Next I started ‘switching off’ a lot earlier, normally doing things like watching TV or being on my phone just before sleeping doesn’t affect me but I found this really helped when my body clock was super confused. I started turning off at about 9pm, with only watching something calming in the background before bed and not letting myself go on my phone just before sleeping.

 Baths! One of the most relaxing things you can possibly do, I always chuck in something from lush in there, have a cup of tea and spend 20-30 mins just chilling, reading or watching something.

  It’s the little things that help too – clean sheets, PJ’s and a nice herbal tea straight from the bath are heaven and will just help further to set you up to get cosy and relaxed.

 This stuff – the this works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is A-MAZING. Its so calming and after using it every night for about a month I can totally see the difference it makes, just a few spritz’s on my pillow just before I sleep and it’s like you are training your brain that when it smells this – you should sleep. So after just a few days it really helped to calm down my over-active brain and help me to drift off into sleep.

Letting your mind relax. I find this one of the hardest things to do when I’m trying to sleep, I always have 1000 things/ideas running through my mind but you just have to consciously think about not thinking about anything 

So there it is, no mind-boggling scientific breakthroughs to help you get to sleep but just a little routine that I found really helped me to get my sleeping back under control. It really is so important to have a good quality of sleep and when you get one it has such a dramatically positive affect on your day   Thank you for reading!


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