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As the awful ‘blogger’ that I am, I may have missed the whole ‘2017 resolutions’ malarkey. So, instead I’m going to list a few of my personal goals, not necessarily for this year, but just things that I want to improve on within my life. All in the hopes that with it being published on here for anyone to see, I will be more motivated to follow them through!
  • Start some kind of planner/diary – I love to make lists, from to-do lists to shopping, so I would love a space where I can keep them all in one place, along side weekly plans/goals and keep a track of, and on top of Uni work. I’ve heard a lot of good things about bullet journals and I love how you can completely change them and have them to suit your own needs, so I think this one is taking my interest most, however a lot of reviews do say that they take up a lot of time, even if you just do it simply.
  • Food Planning – I’m so fed up of every single night having to rack my brains over what we should eat for dinner, wondering if we have all the ingredients and then having to change ideas when we don’t have enough ingredients. So, I’ve already ordered a chalkboard pen and I’m going to write and plan on the board in our kitchen what we are going to have every night that week. I’m hoping that doing this will also help us to save money on our weekly food shop as I can simply order the ingredients that I will need for the whole week, and not over spend on things we don’t need or aren’t going to use.
  • Watch less TV – Alike most people in the 21st century, the amount of time I spend just watching a screen is shocking. Although I also go on my laptop/phone a hell of a lot too, I feel as though the TV is the most consuming of the three evils as you can’t take it anywhere, or use it for other things such as work, research or learning (and it doesn’t have insta!). So, I am going to make a conscious effort to not watch it half as much, and to try to avoid watching new series on Netflix that always end up with me binge-watching for days on end. By not allowing myself to be glued to the screen I want to use my free time to do more productive things – reading, cooking, blogging, baking, cleaning etc.
  • Put myself out there more! – I’ve already made a head-way with this one by actually speaking on Instagram stories, it may not seem like much but for me that was such a big deal. When I was younger I dealt with such strong anxiety and confidence issues, although as a person I’ve dealt with 99% of these insecurities, when it comes to social media its a whole other ball game. Even with my personal Facebook I rarely update it, like I’m talking maybe total of 5 new pictures a year, and I hardly share any personal pictures on my Instagram, or even of my home. But this year I want to push myself to show more, share more and put myself out there, and not be afraid to share a picture of my bedroom, even though I haven’t gotten a little tray for my perfumes to go on, or be afraid to share something that doesn’t look 100% perfect. I just want to be braver, and honestly doing those few little 15 second clips of my voice on Instagram felt amazing. I used to HATE the sound of my voice, but after recording a few clips and playing them back etc, I don’t mind it so much anymore. It’s mine, and it’s the only one I’ve got, so I might as well make it work.
  • Instagram every day and blog more! – Yep, super boring last one, but so far the Instagram every day is going well and fingers crossed for the blog!
Hope you guys have had a good start to your 2017 and are achieving your goals, and if you haven’t set any for yourself yet – it’s not too late!


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