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Favourite Cosy Candles

 A/W is my prime, as I may have previously mentioned I love EVERYTHING to do with this time of year and go pretty all out, so what could be more autumnal and cosy than doing a post dedicated to my favourite candles for this time of year, (excluding christmas, they will be a different post! ).


First up is my absolute favourite, Apple Ale by Bath and Body Works £18, I’m not the biggest fan of sweet vanilla scents but this candle has the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. For me this is autumn in a candle, It reminds me of an orchard at autumn time, with crisp cold air, leaves on the ground and warming up with some apple cider. Perfect .
Next up is Apple Orchard by B&M Stores, £2.99, notice the similarity between this one and the previous? B&M have released their own candle ‘essence’ range of which the packaging and scents follow an extremely similar path to that of B&BW, I’m not complaining though as at £2.99 and a lot easier to get your hands on that the alternative it’s an absolute steal! In comparison to the B&BW they only have 2 wicks rather than 3, but that does slow down the rate of burn but does however mean its not as easy to achieve an equal burn across the candle. However, if you’re not a wannabe candle connoisseur and like a slightly sweeter and not as strong but still wintery fresh scent then this is lovely.
Next up is another fave, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin by Bath and Body Works ,£18, this one smells of basically exactly what it’s called, it is sweet, but in more of a spicy instead of sickly way. It reminds me of a pumpkin pie that has just come from the oven. Delicious .


Then here is a slightly similar alternative, Brown Sugar Allspice by B&M Stores, £2.99. Again a sweet er scent with a spice undertone, and does actually smell like brown sugar, yum.
Leaves by Bath & Bodyworks, £18, another staple in my book, and many others. I remember a couple years back people on the beauty and lifestyle online community were going crazy for this scent, and I can see why. It’s amazing. It’s too hard to try and describe it’s scent, it just smells like autumn and leaves and is what you should want your whole house and car to smell like (I have a scent-portable of this in my car and its so so good).



Spotted the trend yet? Radiant Red Maple by B&M Stores, £2.99 , another lovely similar scent, slightly spicy and fresh and a lovely one to have burning in the house. The best thing about these B&M candles is that you don’t have to feel guilty for burning them all day long as they’re so cheap!


Here I thought I would do a side by side of Bath and Body Works candles and the B&M ones, as you can see the B&BW jar is slightly taller, however they have the exact same circumference and the ‘white barn’ range from Bath and Body Works and the ‘Essence” range from B&M literally have the exactly same lids, same moulds, same company? who knows, but you can’t really get a better dupe than that.
Thanks for reading!

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