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Meet Honey

Among the many exciting things that have been going on with us lately, without doubt the most exciting one is the new addition to our family, our Miniature Longhaired Shaded-Cream Dachshund, named Honey.

She is such a loving and sweet natured pup, toilet training is going well, she sleeps downstairs by herself, she is becoming more confident and adventurous everyday and has been to the forest, beach, parks, near busy roads, restaurants, cafe, and even a fun dog show to meet other local sausage dogs!


She loves to play with stones, spiders, slippers, shoes, snug on the sofa and is best friends with my Mums Terrier 


She is also fast becoming a good guard puppy, with one of her favourite activities being to watch out the window to save us from any intruders. Toby even made her a little ramp so she can go up and down from our window seat as she pleases.



Look out for lots more updates and pictures of Honey, we’re both so in love with her and miss her so much when we’re not with her! 


Until next time,

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