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Our New Home

It’s safe to say that I feel incredibly shameful for the fact that it’s been something like 7 weeks since I last posted on here, life and moving got in the way, then the *laziness* hit in and I had a mini holiday at home to recover from all the moving stress and a certain new addition to our family .

But, I’m back at it and have had the holiday, followed by the post-holiday-holiday to recover and show you all what I’ve been up to!

So, we’ve moved to our new house and 6 weeks later it’s almost unimaginable to think that we could have ever lived anywhere else. Even from the first second we stepped through the door we felt instantly at home and it’s felt like that ever since, even people that have come round to the house have said that it’s good that good feeling about it, it welcomes you and is a house that wants people, loud noises and to be lived in. Seems crazy to personify a house literally but that is how it makes you feel. It’s lived in and theres no reason to hide that, every wall, door, skirting, knobs has been banged around and got dents, holes and 5 layers of paint on it, but that’s one of the reasons why we love it so much.

The history within the house is additionally apparent by a perhaps unwanted member of the household, a friendly ghost.  Seems insane doesn’t it but it is the only way to explain the happenings that have been going on. We have, a phantom pee menace. That’s right, we have a ghost who every few days or so, pees in the upstairs toilet, with a few pieces of toilet roll and doesn’t flush. Insane you must be thinking, it must be you or Toby perhaps when you are asleep, and I wish that was true but the literal only way to explain is that we have a ghost .

So a little update there, but lots more posts to come about the new house and more seasonal things too, I’m so excited that Autumn is almost here, Halloween and Christmas are my favourite! 


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