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July Favourites

Woah, where has this year gone so far?! To be fair though, I have been wishing July away because I’m just so excited to be moving house and all the exciting things that are going to be happening in August – think renovations, new sofas and puppies! 

However, although July felt like a bit of a dud of a month, just waiting and wishing for August, we did get some lovely weather, I started this blog and I have a few favourites that I would love to share with you.

 Dirty Dancing Soundtrack – Toby dragged me into HMV the other weekend, a shop which sadly I find extremely boring but after 20 minutes of mindlessly walking around I spotted this album for £5.99 and Toby was lovely enough to buy it for me. Ever since I’ve been playing it non-stop in the car, I love the music and fashion of the 60’s and it’s one of my favourite films, my favourite song on the whole album though is Hungry Eyes.

 Primark PJ’s – Seems a bit random but honestly these are my new favourite pajama bottoms and I take PJ’s very seriously. They are from Primark and such a steal at £5/6 (can’t quite remember), but they are so soft and cosy, nice and lightweight so perfect for summer, have pretty lace detailing at the bottom and of course the design reminded me of my favourite EB pattern, starry skies.

 Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – this stuff is amazing! I’ve been using it for about 2-3 months now and still haven’t finished the bottle. I use this to clean my face every morning, evening, before I put on my makeup and to remove all of my makeup and it is so so good. It’s super gentle and refreshing to use, I just put a bit on a large cotton wool pad and it removes all makeup, even heavy liquid eyeliner, mascara etc so easily. Another good thing about it is that it’s so cheap! Normal RRP is £4.99 but it is constantly on offer at boots, and compared to the combination of an oil-based makeup remover and face wash I was using before it is a fraction of the price, but my skin has never looked better! I’ve had hardly any breakouts and my skin looks more radiant and healthy than it has in a long while .

 Pinafore Dress – For my birthday which was in June I went on a belated shopping spree for some much needed new clothes and for a little treat. I bought this cute little denim pinny dress (only £14.50 at the moment!) and I’ve been wearing it non-stop, mostly because it’s surprisingly comfortable which is my main thing! and of course you can wear it with any shoes or tights for when its colder, it just goes with any t-shirt or jacket and it makes me feel super cute .


 HD Brows – I was going to do a whole blog post on this the next time I get them done as silly me didn’t take a before/after photo. I really need to get better at doing that! But I felt that I should include them anyway since it was my first time and I have been obsessed with my eyebrows ever since having them done! HD Brows is something you can get done at most beauticians/salons etc for around £25, seems a bit pricy but they give your brows the full whammy of being tinted, waxed, threaded, plucked and then filled in. I came out of there feeling like a new woman with amazing brows which are now so easy to fill in and look amazing.

 Blogging – Although I only started this blog half way through July it is without doubt a favourite. I definitely never realised before how fun the freedom is to simply write about whatever you want, which is exactly what this space is for  I find it so enjoyable, therapeutic, relaxing and fun! I also find that it is making me more motivated and more organised in my daily routine, especially for example my days off during the week when Toby is at work. Normally I would just laze around all day since I had nothing else to do, but now I can jump at the chance to use the free time to take pictures or write posts. I am thoroughly enjoying my little space on the internet to write about my interests and look forward to writing more posts!

So there’s a few little favourites of mine for this month, I would love to know if you love any of these things too or what you’ve been loving the past month. Thanks for reading!

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