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My Favourite Homeware Shops

Today I thought I would write a little post about a few of my favourite shops to get homeware bits from and for inspiration! I love to shop around, and when I renovate a room I will tirelessly spend hours online looking for new shops and looking through old ones for new bits. I now have my go-to’s for when I need specific items, and at a good price, and some that I just love to oggle at. So lets get started!

 The Range – Where to start… firstly you can get everything in here! From home decor, furniture, curtains, garden, DIY, kids toys, arts and crafts, greetings card, microwaves, bikes, wallpaper, even a cuppa tea in the cafe! If you’ve never been, get down to your local one now and be ready to be amazed. Everything is such good value and they have a bit of everything so I’m sure you’d be able to find something in your style; from Moroccan lanterns to fake flowers. I especially love them for blinds and curtains – it’s my go to as the prices are amazing, it’s good quality and they have a good selection.

 Laura Ashley – Everything in Laura Ashley makes me swoon, it’s undeniably gorgeous and I love sitting down with a cup of tea and having a good old flick through when the new catalogue comes through the door. Just one thing, its fairly pricy. Because of this I like to carefully choose statement pieces that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else, for example LA sell fisherman style pendant lights here for £90, and ikea sell almost identical ones here for £35. Once they are hanging on the ceiling no ones going to know if it’s from Laura Ashley or not, so I chose to save where I can and use LA for statement pieces, like their beautiful textiles and wallpapers. I also love to use LA for inspiration, looking through catalogues, falling in love with something, and then looking elsewhere for more affordable options.

 Made.com – This is a rather new site on my radar however I love their pieces. I feel as though as a website they have a very distinct style which is right up my street. All of the upholstery pieces are stunning, everything is just very unique and distinctive. Perfect for some wonderful investment pieces for your home.

 eBay – Oh no… I’ve mentioned the dreaded Bay-of-E. I know some people have very strong opinions regarding this website, however luckily I haven’t had any issues yet and go through phases of being *slightly* addicted . I find it not only great for finding bargains such as plate racks and side tables 10 minutes away from home, but also just for finding very specific and unique pieces. Although, a down side of eBay is that it is essentially a big deep dark black hole on the internet with everything and anything in it, so unless you know specifically what you want to search for it can be very overwhelming trying to search.

 Emma Bridgewater – This ones a bit of a given . I’m slightly biased but I think their pottery is stunning, every piece is handmade by trained potters in Stoke-on-Trent so every piece is unique. But aside from the pottery themselves, it’s the patterns which is why I included it here as they have been the basis or inspiration for lots of the decor in my home. Sanderson prints fabric with EB patterns on which are lovely, and EB does more than just for the kitchen, there’s something for every room in the house and it all ‘oozes the country cottage on a sunny afternoon with the french doors wide open’ feel which I adore.

I would love to know some of your favourite places to shop! I’m always on the lookout for new sites to spend my evenings browsing and finding some gems (and bargains), so please feel free to share some of yours. Thank you so much for reading!

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