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Country Apple Bathroom Refurb

So a few months ago ‘unfortunately’ our grotty old bathroom had a leak and needed a bit of a refurb, *insert evil witch cackle here* .
I had been crushing so hard on more traditional style bathrooms on Pinterest and IG – metro tiles, dark grout, big knobs and taps… you get my drift. So I already 100% knew I wanted to go with a traditional style, but still keep some country charm and add a touch of modernity. I wanted a calm and relaxing space, and a bath to relax in!
Once again unfortunately I didn’t take any before pictures , I just don’t like taking pictures of ugly things so I don’t have any I’m afraid, but it had a basic sink, toilet and small square enclosed shower cubicle in the right hand corner.
So the first job was ripping it all out, I was so happy to see the back of the hideous cubicle that was there before! After drooling over inspiration pictures I just had to have tongue and groove panelling around the room, it looks absolutely stunning and adds so much to the space, so that was our builders first job and probably what took the longest time! It was well worth it though. We opted to have a small ledge over the top of the T&G, which is super handy as it’s a shelf basically going around the whole room, adding loads of extra storage. The bath was also installed just before the panelling was complete. I was so happy that I managed to find a bath to fit, as standards baths are 170cm or larger and the space was only 160cm, I found the bath on and the more I looked the more I decided just to get everything from there. They had a sale on, had everything I wanted and was cheaper than any other sites I could find, so a no-brainer really.

Tongue and groove, bath, taps and stud wall complete, the next step was the tiles! I went for standard flat gloss white metro tiles, and I’m so pleased with them as they really help to reflect and bounce light around the room as there is unfortunately no windows. I actually helped to do the tiles as I was super excited to get them up, between the two of us we did all of it in about 3 hours and I can now add tiler to my CV .


Taps, shower head, floor and sink were next to be installed. I went for a grey/white laminate wood effect from Howdens for the flooring as I wanted it to be nice and light, so far we have had no problems with having laminate in the bathroom, we’re just careful not to completely drench the floor. The sink vanity unit is from also, it was available in green, grey and white but in the end I went for this gorgeous sagey green colour. I wanted the tongue and groove to match the colour of the vanity to make it look more built-in, I had intended to take it to Dulux and get them to colour match it but they couldn’t make it in an eggshell finish, which is what I needed as the T&G makes up the sink splash-back so it had to be hardwearing. Luckily Farrow & Ball have a shade ‘Cooking Apple Green’ which was near enough the perfect match! So we bought a big tin of eggshell in that and gave it it’s first coat before the toilet had even been installed so we didn’t have to worry too much about going around the cistern etc. Our builder also made the bath panel out of the T&G and installed skirting boards which looks so amazing. It’s cheaper than buying a plastic one and looks about 100x better – plus you can change the colour whenever you want!
Toilet, radiator and cabinet were then installed, we gave all the wood a second coat and then painted the walls in Dulux Bathroom paint in white and voilà!
Bath tray – Dunelm | Towels & Bath Mat – The White Company | Metal crate/container – Dunelm







damnnn look at that shower head – bathroom porn right here 

So there’s the bathroom refurb! I love it so much. It was slightly daunting as it was the first time I’d ever done ANYTHING to do with bathrooms or plumbing, let alone design a whole new one from scratch! From ordering all the different taps, wastes and fittings etc, and making big decisions like how high to have the shower head, it was slightly scary but I’m so super pleased with the results. I find it such a relaxing and light space now, with loads more storage and I love now having the option to have a bath, I always keep my lush collection stocked up and it’s one of my favourite things to do to relax and get cosy.


Thank you for reading!

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