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New Kitchen For £150?

28th December 2015… most people would’ve probably been crashed out on their sofas, filled to the brim with mince pies and refusing to move away from old James Bond re-runs on the telly, not us! As soon as the festive season passed this year I decided enough was enough of our cream/magnolia/out of an episode of the Simpsons-esque kitchen and that something needed to be done!

Annoyingly in the excitement I didn’t take any good before shots, but from the background of these pictures you can kinda get the jigst of what the kitchen was before. It had a light birch veneer cupboards with silver T-bar handles, brown coloured tiles and cream walls.




Although I wanted to change the colour of the cupboards, I’m lazy. I did not want to be spending days taking all the doors off, sanding, priming etc etc. So after some research I found the perfect solution – Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! It really is a wonder paint, and after using a wax or vanish you wouldn’t know it was any different from normal paint.
I looked at pictures online of what kinda colour I wanted – a sage/grey green, so I bought a tin of Old White and a tin of Country Grey and mixed them together in a 2/1 ratio.  Me and Toby applied it as a team – he would roll on the paint and I would follow round with a paintbrush getting in the corners and blending it all together as chalk paint can be very thick! We didn’t remove any of the cupboards except those that were attached to the built-in appliances as we just don’t have the room to have laid them all out to paint, it wasn’t too hard painting them whilst attached and one of the joys of chalk paint is that it is SO easy to clean up! You don’t have to worry about getting it on anything as it will soo easily wash/wipe off. We did 2 coats. The first coat was a bit too blue for my liking so I did change up the ratio a bit for the second coat, was all a bit trial and error 


You can see the difference between the first and second coat in this picture – the first coat came out too blue and I wanted more of a sage. 


The chaos that ensued for those few days wrecked havoc on my OCD-like personality. 
After two coats we then used old t-shirts and one tin of Annie Sloan Clear Wax and went over the whole kitchen twice. This stuff is magical! Even at the end there was still some left in the tin! Two coats definitely did the job though, it’s water resistant, wipes clean easily and the paint has not chipped/peeled/flaked etc one bit 7 months on!

We then picked the new knobs that we wanted (we filled in any excess holes and pre drilled new ones before we painted), and got Toby’s dad & brother round to tile over the old tiles (saves money as you don’t have to re-plaster) and grouted with light grey grout.

I then painted the whole kitchen white, added a plate rack I got off eBay for £3 and hey presto! New kitchen done.







So just to round off the costs:
2 x tins of Annie Sloan paint – £20 each
1 x tin of Annie Sloan Wax – £9
17 x knobs – £2.99 each
5 x metro tiles – £5.50 each
10L White Paint – £20
Plate Rack – £3
Grand total: £149
There you have it! A few days of hard work and £150 later we had our new kitchen  I love it so much, the colour is perfect and unique and goes well with any colour accessories I could ever want with it, and the tiles bring so much more light into the room and add a modern touch.  Sorry for such a long post with so many photos but I love sharing the whole before/after. Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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