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DIY Iced Coffee

Hello heatwave!  It’s been a scorcher the past few days and the last thing most people want when the suns out is a hot drink, which can lead to a bit of an issue of all those caffine-addicts out there, but no fear, I have the solution! 
Here’s a recipe for an iced caramel latte which is exactly the same as you would get from high street coffee shops, with lots of substitutions incase an iced americano/without syrup is more your style.


Instant Coffee – 2 teaspoons (depending on how strong you want)
Flavoured Syrup of your choice (can buy in most supermarkets in the coffee section) – 2/3 teaspoons
Hot Water
Milk (or cold water for the americano)
Ice – 3/4 large cubes

Boil the kettle and pour your flavoured syrup into the bottom of your glass. If you want it to be sweet but not to be flavoured then place your desired amount of sugar into your glass now instead.

 Spoon your instant coffee into your glass and pour over approx 30ml of boiling water, stir until dissolved.

 Place 3-4 ice cubes into your glass.
 Give it a good stir up for 10 – 20 seconds.

 Now, fill it to the top with milk! If you wanted it to be an iced americano instead then top it off with cold water, and then add a splash of milk if you like it white.

et voilà! 

So super delicious that I had already drunk about half of it from the time it took me to finish making it to taking this picture! But honestly this is exactly the same recipe that they use on the high street, only this won’t cost you £3 or make you leave the house – win win! Thank you for reading and enjoy the lovely weather 


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