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The Dresser Tour

My pride and joy, and one of my favourite pieces of furniture in the entire house is my kitchen dresser. We had to wait a while to find the perfect one before we bought one, I knew I didn’t want to paint it so needed one that had ‘nice wood’, sounds weird but you get what I mean. When I saw this one on eBay for £200 nearby I knew we had to have it. I loved the wood, the knobs, the size and the pull out drawers which are perfect for potatoes! But the main reason I wanted one was to be able to display all of my favourite Emma Bridgewater pieces in one place. So, I thought I would do a post dedicated to my dresser and show my a few beloved pieces in my collection.

I use the dresser to hold most of my Black Toast & Starry Skies/Blues and keep it organised like that, I keep all of my pinks on separate shelves which I’m sure I will show at a later date.



I ordered this little baby mug a few months back when they had the free personalisation offer on and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. It’s super cute and very handy to keep all the essentials such as pens and lollipops!
I got this mug from eBay last year and I just loved the saying on it, made me chuckle and think of me and Toby. On the other side it says ‘P.S. I’ve done the bins’ which I feel is as though is both of ours least favourite chore and it just makes me happy 🙂


This trio of mugs is a set called ‘starry toast’, I have 3/4, the missing one being a mahoosive 2 pint mug which I hope to find one day but I feel super lucky to have these three. The baby and 1 pint is, to this day, the best deal I’ve ever gotten. I believe they were both £16 or something ridiculously cheap like that from a Facebook selling page because they both have the teeniest tiniest chips near the top, which when i display like this you can’t even notice! The middle one is super special to me also as Toby bought it for me as a christmas present last year, it reads ‘I love you more than rock & roll’ which is very sentimental to me as he loves his music and is in a band!


So theres a little tour for you. I love all of the pieces in my collection but just picked out a few to write about, I honestly would struggle to ever pick one piece to have to get rid of! I think it’s nice to do things like this as I understand how some people who don’t have collections find it difficult to understand why anyone would spend soo much money on pottery, as at the end of the day it is just a mug. But for me it’s the story behind it, memories, the hunt and the sentimental value that makes it special, and of course it doesn’t hurt that it is gorgeous to look at!
Thank you for reading and if you would like me to do more posts like this with the rest of my collection then let me know!

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